2400 Sq ft , Modern Style Double Floor Home Plan

Ground Floor (1250 Sq.ft)

  • Sitout
  • Drawing
  • Dining
  • Bedroom-2
  • Bathroom-2A
  • Kitchen
  • Work Area
  • Common Toilet
  • kitchen
  • Store Room
  • Work Area

First Floor(1150 Sq.ft)

  • Balcony
  • Upper Living
  • Bedroom-2
  • Bathroom-2A
  • Open Terrace

Total Area: 2400 Sq.ft
Estimated Cost : 30lakhs

01Designers Contact Details
Syam Mohan
Mobile : 9447812900 / 7736032900
email: emailtolotus@gmail.com



2400 Sq ft , Modern Style Double Floor Home Plan

This modern contemporary style plan is designed to be built in 2400 square feet. It includes 4 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. This plan is a double floored which makes out a distinctive and unique design and is estimated for about 30 lakhs. It is proved that we are good about interior designing as which it is the total creative solution for the best programmed interior of our homes. Also it provides the best conceptual planning with aesthetic and technical solutions which are applied to achieve the desired result.The living and dining room are very well designed and the kitchen along with work area are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs. This plan is well executed by Syam Mohan, Lotus Designs & Development. For further details contact the designer.


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