An Eco-friendly Modern House Design

As the cars today have a special, already being not a whim but a necessity condition, the KWKPromes of Poland envisioned a residential project that perfectly emphasizes the idea that this means of transport is fully integrated in our lives. To be more specific, the House of Auto family, which is about to be completed, breaking the lines of the traditional design and brings a fresh air to the innovation, revealing a House which houses a garage and a long way below the living room. The residence consists of two different segments, one of them is different from everything you’ve imagined.

This Town House is like a normal House. The lower part of the housing area is fully reserved for cars and for the entrance of the House that have to cross the road. What is really fascinating Auto family house is one of the ceilings, is completely covered with grass. The back of the House is smoothly increased in height, following the rounded shapes of nature. Green Lawn, rich in soft curved lines, remind us of the hobbit houses or in a more contemporary approach, the fields of golf and dream. The customer’s wish was to get a fluid space, erasing the conventional lines. This result exceeded expectations: one great all in one House and garage, with impressive sublime design.


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