Cozy and relaxed modern house Cove

THE COVE HOUSE : This beautiful home is a project by Studio Urbane, owners asked the group to design a modern family home with spacious rooms and large, with high ceilings and a floor perfect for entertaining on any scale plan. The result is a House that oozes elegance, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This House was awarded as a finalist in the 2013 HIA – the Laminex group of kitchen design of the year.

Sliding doors of full height, that connect each area outdoors with pool and fully-equipped barbecue, are protected from the constant winds blowing across the river by the House U -shaped design have been used. Stackable doors protected create numerous indoor and outdoor areas to create effortlessly the most intimate time of breezy entertainment. This widespread use of glass also works for visually connecting each area of the House for its location next to the river.

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